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Red Rock. Vortex. Sounds like a killer place to go in search of creative "business building" solutions. Or maybe it's just the favorite place where today's cutting-edge marketers gather to discuss future trends.

The Red Rock "Vortex" is the place where creative thinking meets practical marketing solutions - all with an eye on profitability. It's the place to go if you want to take your marketing program to the next level.

The name "Red Rock" is based on the beautiful red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona, a place famous for its beauty and mystical powers.

The red rock valley of Sedona was considered by the Ancient Americans to be sacred land only to be used for special rites and ceremonies. Long ago, they identified the power of the vortex. They went to these sites to achieve a better understanding of self and of spirit. They believed vortex energy held the potential to help heal mind, body and spirit. These sacred sites are still visited today, leaving visitors with a lasting "super spiritual Sedona experience".

Scientists refer to these sacred energy centers as "geophysical anomalies". A vortex is a giant magnet of energy - either positively or negatively charged - where the energetic lay lines of the earth's field converge. Geophysicists have not yet been able to fully explain how or why a vortex works. Vortices can't be seen or tasted and don't have an odor. They aren't loud, but they can be heard. They can't be touched, but they can definitely be felt - biochemical changes occur when a person is at the center of a vortex.


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