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There is no doubt that marketing programs designed to interact one-on-one with customers are today’s fastest growing marketing tool. Unfortunately it is our experience that the majority of event/mobile marketing companies claim their expertise is in field execution; specifically labor, logistics and custom vehicles. Today, flawless execution and exciting creative field marketing programs are a given. Red Rock brings event/field/mobile marketing up to the next level by focusing on the sales and marketing side of the equation.

We have a unique expertise in food and beverage marketing that you won’t find in other mobile marketing companies.

Red Rock’s management has extensive hands-on experience in the marketing of food and beverage package goods products. We know how the grocery distribution channel works and how the retail trade thinks and can leverage that knowledge into mobile marketing programs that deliver real, quantifiable sales results. Our programs produce case sales, not just feel good experiences for your brand.

We know how to make real sales tools out of mobile marketing programs.

Red Rock will work directly with your sales force to create mobile marketing programs that can be used as tools to gain incremental volume. Our programs not only generate consumer demand that will pull product right off the shelf, but also serve as leverage for gaining incremental orders with the trade. Many clients use our comprehensive Event Evaluation Reports in their review meetings with their buyers. And, while in-store, our Program Ambassadors will see that your incremental displays are up and fully stocked!

"It is an in-field marketing tool that generates demand for your product by creating a favorable impression of your company through a hands-on, face-to-face experience with your product or an in-depth explanation of your services to your target audience on their own turf and terms."
  • Program development and field implementation
  • Multi-venue, multi-market consumer and B2B programs
  • In-market consumer sales and trade promotion activities
  • Product demonstrations
  • In-person sampling
  • Lifestyle branding

Evaluating field marketing programs is challenging. But it must be done, because you need measurable results to justify the expense. Quantitatively, you can track results by watching the increase in your case movements or orders.

For qualitative reporting purposes, our Program Ambassadors are equipped with laptops, digital cameras and mobile phones. Every morning, you will receive an e-mail field research report complete with digital photos, letting you know what went on the day before. Or, give your PA a call during the day and get an up-to-the-minute report!

At the end of each event the local sales person and venue manager (i.e. store manager) are given a survey to complete to evaluate the quality of the PA and the results of the program.

The Program Ambassador is the most important component of any field marketing program. Period.

Your customer believes the PA works for you — not us! What he does reflects directly on your company. The quality of each and every consumer intercept performed by this individual is critical to the success of your program. Red Rock takes personnel training very seriously.

Our extensive, multi-week custom training programs include topics such as:

  • Program Execution Mechanics
  • Product or Service Background
  • Target Customer Demographics
  • Consumer Contact and Intercept Process
  • Working with Venue Management
  • Dealing with the Retail Trade
  • Research and Reporting Procedures
  • Attitude, Dress, Body Language, Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Vehicle Safety and Operations
  • Maximizing In-Market Public Relations Opportunities


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