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Red Rock / St. Louis, MO

Think of Red Rock as a quarterback that will help you articulate a plan for growing your business and provides the access to the appropriate creative resources needed to bring that plan to life.

Our clients call Red Rock as their "outsource marketing department." They rely on Red Rock as their full-time marketing manager or use us to complement their existing staff when there is an increased workload or a special project.

We believe it is more prudent to allocate marketing funds towards implementing
business building programs than it is to maintain a large in-house marketing staff.

“Marketing has one objective: to create an environment that makes the customer appreciate the benefits of doing business with your company. It is a discipline that coordinates and integrates the people and resources of an organization with the distinct mission to serve the customer.”

Marketing is a Road Map for Growing Your Company

We work directly with private business owners and corporate management — the real decision makers. We don't qualify our clients by the dollar size of their business or their number of employees. Our clients want to change the way they are currently doing business and have made the commitment, both emotionally and financially, to seek that change. We work with Change Agents. People with a vision.

Friday morning client breakfasts (or Friday Feasts as they are commonly called) are a standing tradition at Red Rock. Get to know the Red Rock team in an informal setting. Share with us your dreams for growth and we'll explore ways to bring those dreams to life.

Call and let us know when we can set a place at the table for you! (314-645-0011)


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