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Page C10' • Sunday, July 8, 2001 • South Journals

Company offers package for success
Former Ralston execs provide marketing solutions for clients
By Julie Devlin

Red Rock Communications uses strategic planning tools to help companies gain success.

"We grow business. Our communication company is an investment for business. We are unique because our creative thinking meets practical and successful management solutions," said Rick Bayers, graphic communications artist and principal in Red Rock Communications, 1310 Papin St.

Red Rock Communications offers a unique combination of sales consultation and creative execution to its clients.

"We are the best because we get results. Businesses get a great return on their investment. Our priority is getting complete customer satisfaction," Bayers said.

Red Rock Communications, a spin -off from Ralston Purina, started in 1996 as Red Rock Studio, designing communications programs led by Bayers.

Lee Taylor, marketing strategist and entrepreneur, and Don Hiemenz, sales and marketing expert, joined Bayers several months ago, to form a team of professionals whose objective is to create business growth and development.

Taylor said their experience is there most valuable tool.

"Each one of us has the capability of making a final decision - we have the authority and expertise to make the call," Taylor said.

Bayers, a former member of Ralston Purina's in-house creative team, and Taylor, once the director of marketing for Ralston Purina, have known each other for 20 years.

Bayers said the three of them as a team possess in-depth knowledge of specific marketing discipline with real-world business management experience.
Hiemenz said they propose something to a company and do it.
"We want to help businesses that have a vision. We execute ideas for a purpose. We want to know their expectations before we go to work - that's a standard here at Red Rock," Hiemenz said.

Red Rock Communications insists that every project is based on a sound strategy and ends with an action-oriented deliverable.

"We not only understand marketing. We hit the pressure point - we hit the target," Hiemenz said.

Some marketing tools Red Rock uses are identifying business opportunities, brainstorming and research.

They are able to pinpoint a company's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

After they have determined what the company needs to grow they create an execution that will benefit the company.

"Effective communication with our audience is essential in today's market place. It's the key to the success of a business," Taylor said.

Red Rock Communications specializes in executing solutions for marketing and sales promotion, corporate image and brand identity and interactive media.

"This is a fun place to be. Sometimes businesses are sterile. We enjoy what we do - it's worth the extra effort," Taylor said.


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