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Firm Offers Unique Combination of Sales & Marketing Consultation and Creative Execution

ST. LOUIS (Mar. 20, 2001) - Red Rock Communications, Inc., has added two new equity partners Edward Lee Taylor, veteran marketing strategist and entrepreneur, and W. M. Donovan (Don) Hiemenz, established sales/marketing professional. Red Rock has been a leading creative agency led by veteran Rick Bayers since its 1996 spin-off from Ralston Purina. With the addition of the new partners, Red Rock is now positioned as a team of professionals who design and execute innovative sales and marketing communications programs to help companies grow their businesses.

"We grow business. It's that simple," Bayers said. "Red Rock is a different kind of place -- with a unique approach to growing business." Clients feel the difference from the moment they walk through the doors of Red Rock's world headquarters in St. Louis' historic Blanke Building and are surrounded in a powerful southwest creative ambiance. "This is where creative thinking meets practical business management solutions," he added.

Red Rock Complements Creative Execution with Proprietary Business Development Tools:

To help management articulate their vision for growth, Red Rock offers proprietary business development tools and has the capability to bring those dreams to life with the actual production of sales and marketing communication materials and programs.

"At Red Rock, we believe better business decisions begin with a vision. We insist that every project is based on a solid strategy and ends with an action-oriented deliverable. It's a process you won't get from a pure consultancy group or a creative design boutique," said Bayers. "There's tremendous added value in maintaining continuity from the development of a program concept through its implementation."

Red Rock's new proprietary strategic development tools include:

  • Mission Maker™ Series … creative interactive management sessions used to identify and prioritize business-building opportunities.
  • Thunderbolt Thinkin'™… professionally moderated problem solving meetings that help groups generate innovative solutions to real problems.
  • StrataForce™ … a structured methodology for integrating the sales and marketing process including the S.M.A.R.T. Business Plan and the 12 Step Closed Loop Sales Process.

Red Rock continues to provide superb creative execution:

  • Sales and marketing support materials (collateral, brochures, catalogs, sales meetings, trade shows)
  • Corporate communications and materials (newsletters, annual reports, employee communications)
  • Brand and Corporate identity programs (logos, identity materials)
  • Interactive media (presentations and Web development)

You can find more about Red Rock Communications, Inc. at their web site:

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