Spring 2001

From the Team…

Hi! and Welcome!
Thanks for taking the time to read the first issue of our newsletter, the Vortex. We hope you will enjoy it and maybe even learn a new business-building trick or two at the same time. We love seeing businesses grow and hope some of our enthusiasm and expertise will help you grow your business. Let us know what you think. What do you want to see. Do you like the E-Flash concept? Were the articles interesting?
Please keep Red Rock in mind the next time you need to design or produce your Communication Materials.

Rick, Lee& Don


Red Rock is a Strategic Communications Company that designs programs to grow your business.

We can help you articulate your vision for growth and bring those dreams to life with the production of your marketing and sales communication materials and programs. We're not a consultancy that just tells you what you need to do to grow your business and we're not a creative boutique that only executes. We are a full service provider of custom business growth solutions from recommendation through implementation. From sound strategic concepts, to cost effective selling materials, Red Rock's portfolio of services offers you a wide range of solutions to help grow your business.

We believe better business decisions begin with a vision.


Lacking a Business Plan
Running a business blindly by the seat of your pants is the surest way to kill a business. A written plan provides a disciplined approach to help you visualize and create a road map for the path to profitability. It is a mechanism for setting goals and evaluating whether or not you are on track. It can help you to avoid making costly mistakes. Furthermore, bankers or investors will insist on inspecting your plan.

Not Treating Your Employees
as Your Most Important Customer

Your employees can make or break your company. Negative attitudes kill sales. Keep your employees well informed. Communicate with them on a regular basis with simple newsletters or group meetings.

A 'Hopium' Addiction
This is probably the most lethal mistake of all. Blind Optimism. Hoping the sale will materialize or the problem will go away. Not proactively solving your issues. Problems with cash flow are the first symptoms. You didn't adjust expenses commensurate with income and suddenly you wake up deep in debt. Be realistic with your expectations.

Test yourself with the following questions to see if you are using the right kinds of management practices that will give your business the best chance of success:

  • Can you prove you've made progress towards your goals with hard numbers?
  • Do you know how much it actually costs you to make a sale?
  • Have you consulted with an expert recently about financial goals or marketing strategy?
  • Do you get regular feedback from your customers and implement change based on their input?
  • Can you generate positive cash flow - enough to cover all of your expenses each month?
  • Are you effectively communicating with your employees? Are they on your team?

The more yes answers, the better your chances of success.


How do you keep from getting lost among the many millions and millions of web pages out there? Currently, only 15 - 20% of the pages are indexed.

Here are a couple of hints:

Search Engine Submission: Getting listed in the Yahoo directory is your top priority and probably the most difficult to achieve. Your aim is to score high on each search engine for a specific search word or phrase. Use descriptive titles and accurate and strategically selected META tags.

Strategic Linking: The more links there are to your site, the more traffic you will generate. Find other web sites with complimentary subject matter or of interest to your web site's visitors. Set up a links page on your web site and link the complimentary site to yours. Ask the other site if they will add a link to your site on their site! Be courteous and always ask for permission.

This is an example of an E-Flash Newsletter. Have you considered one for your Company?
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